And say goodbye to the heart you break. (misting_shadow) wrote,
And say goodbye to the heart you break.

i've been doing a lot of thinking...

and i came to realize that this school year was so much worse than last year.

I lost my boyfriend. thats absolutely over for good..

I lost a best friend. and its been 6 months since we last spoke. and i know i;ve been saying that life moves on but it really does pain me that ivey and i dont speak anymore. our friendship fell apart due to the lack of communication, from both ends. and it kills me to think about it.

but 6 months?! it's insane. and depressing. i wanna talk to her and catch up. i want to mend what was broken. but i worry that it cant be fixed. so do i let things continue as they are? or will one of us have the guts to woman up and apologize?

comments and suggestions are welcome...

idk whats happening in life anymore. i just wish for something wonderful to happen.

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