And say goodbye to the heart you break. (misting_shadow) wrote,
And say goodbye to the heart you break.

lol im NOT a stupid girl

i know very well when there's another girl in the picture, because you dont just come up with excuses and bullshit for no reason.

so marcus has his eye on some UGLY ass chick whose his friends roommate. haha good for him! might as well get someone ugly cause he'll never have anyone as pretty as me.

so yeah im moving on. i deleted him from every bit of my life. and im actually excited and little frightened.. but mostly excited!

im not sorry i wasted the last 8 months waiting for him, it was a lesson i had to learn on my own. and its a mistake that will never again happen.

p.s. dont ever date a redhead, or a jew. or a mix of the two. they are CRAZY!
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